Powerly.AI SMS Bot
Trained with your Data

Powerly AI

or $99/year
or $199/life-time

3.9 Cents/SMS



1 Local dedicated U.S/Canada Phone Number
AI responds to your incoming text messages
No Code Bot Training:
Train AI with your business data
Get a phone number $9/month
+ Pay as you go: 3.9 Cents/SMS (incoming+outgoing)
(Incoming and Outgoing messages are billed at the same rate)

Get a phone number $99/year
+ Pay as you go: 3.9 Cents/SMS (incoming+outgoing)

Get a phone number $199/lifetime
Your Number stays active for a life-time, recharge anytime (limited)
+ Pay as you go: 3.9 Cents/SMS (incoming+outgoing)

All Numbers come with one-time 100 free SMS
(50 incoming + 50 outgoing)

Recharge Anytime for $3.90/100 SMS

Add SMS Credit
$3.90/ 100 SMS
Retrain your AI Number with more or new data anytime.

30 One-Time Training Credits included with each Number, purchase additional Training Credits anytime for $3/ 30 Training Credits ($0.10/Credit)
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Pay as you go
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Local Phone number
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24/7 delivery
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Life-time deals

Recharge for as low as $5

Your dedicated AI Phone number

Limited Life-Time numbers available, your Number stays active, Life-Time!

Pay as you go

Easy recharge

Recharge $5, $10 or $15 credits

Powerly ai Sms

suitable for all business sizes

Try it out, ask the Powerly Ai sms chatbot:

(U.S Number)

Life-Time Plans

Limited Time
Life-Time Phone Numbers

Your Number stays active life-time!

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